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Detailed Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Detailed Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

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From the beginning of human history, billions upon billions of people have come and gone. From these billions, a small number of people live on through their contribution – whether positive or negative – to human civilisation. Among them, of course, we think of scientists, philosophers, inventors, economists, military leaders, politicians, statesmen, thinkers, entrepreneurs, authors, philanthropists and rights activists. The contributions they made would be confined to a certain space, time, culture or field; yet they are remembered and celebrated.
On the other hand, there are a group of people whose impact and contribution go beyond any space or time. What they gave to humanity extends even to life after death. Yet these people, instead of being remembered and celebrated, are forgotten, ignored, even ridiculed and mocked. Who are these forgotten people?
These are the very best, the ‘cream’ of human beings, chosen to guide humankind. They may not be on our list of scientists, philosophers, inventors etc. However their role in human civilisation is the most important role there could ever be – the role of guiding people to develop as good human beings and fulfil the purpose of their life. These are the prophets and messengers of God.
Foremost among these people is the Prophet Muhammad, ‘a mercy to all the worlds’. As Muslims, we accept him as a messenger but, sadly, have learnt little about him apart from a few dry facts like his father’s name and mother’s name. How is it that we do not know about our Prophet Muhammad?
Study Seerah as if you were with him.

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Detailed Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)