• Pillars of Islam

    5 seasons

    La-ilaaha-illallah – Understanding the Shahada for True Servitude to Allah
    The Real Fiqh of Salah - Understanding the Spirit of Salah
    Detailed Study of Ramadhan Focusing on Purification & Self-Development
    The Inner and Outer Dimensions of Zakat
    The Journey of Hajj – In The Footsteps of Ibrahi...

  • Lives of Khulafa Al Rashidoon

    4 seasons

    We all know of the great leaders who built the Islamic Empire. The Four Khulafa Al Rashidoon who continued the spread the teachings and legacy of our Prophet SAW. But how much detail do we know of their lives, and exactly where and how they lead Muslims through great conquests and journeys.

  • Stress and Anger Management

    1 season

    Anger is a natural response to something that we dislike, while stress is a common state in our busy fast-paces lives. "Right" anger and "optimum" stress provide the balance necessary for a normal life, but out of control, they can break relationships; ruin lives and cause severe depression. This...

  • Exploring the Pearls of The Qur'an

    1 season

    Al Fatiha and the last ten surahs are parts of the Qur’an which would be familiar to us all. This seminar will explore these surahs of the Qur’an in depth, studying their magnificent words and their amazing coherence and extracting invaluable lessons to apply in our lives today. This seminar will...

  • History of Female Scholars

    7 seasons

    This is no ordinary discovery. It is set to rewrite the history of Muslims and humankind for ever. Never in the history of the world did women experience such empowerment, freedom, dignity and respect as was in the Islamic history. However this part of the history of Muslims has been long forgott...