Journey of Hajj

Journey of Hajj

This course will prepare those going for Hajj for the best spiritual and practical experience they can have InshaAllah. This course is also valuable for those not going for Hajj this year to learn about this important pillar of Islam and how it connects with the Legacy of Ibrahim (AS).

Through this course, students will learn the following.

• The significance and purpose of Hajj
• The history of Hajj
• The virtues of Hajj
• The life and legacy of Ibrahim (AS)
• Mental and physical preparation for Hajj
• The Fiqh of Hajj (How to perform Hajj)
• Practical guidance and tips on Hajj
• Advice on how to connect ourselves with Ibrahim (AS)
• The significance of Umrah during non-Hajj periods
• Advice on how to carry on the spirit of Hajj after returning home

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Journey of Hajj

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