Learn Arabic - Module 2

Learn Arabic - Module 2

Welcome to the first steps in your path to learning Arabic and elevated understanding of the Qur’an.

Cambridge Islamic College's flagship diploma programme, the Diploma in Arabic & Islamic Studies, which we have been running for over a decade has now been re-imagined to make it even easier for you to learn Arabic and discover the beauty of the Islamic Sciences from the comfort of your home!

This module is number 2 of 8 modules to earning your diploma. Upon successful completion of modules 1 -4 you will receive the Certificate in Arabic & Islamic Studies and successful completion of modules 1 – 8 will earn you your Diploma.

Module 2 of our Learn Arabic programme will focus on the following:

• Concentrates on the verb (الفعل) and its forms.
• This section also deals with other patterns such as derivative nouns ( المشتقات ) and how this system works in Arabic language.
• Students will cover the book (مبادئ التصريف).
• By the end of this term students will understand how forms of verbs work; sound verbs, hollow verbs, defective verbs, doubled verbs, and assimilated verbs.
• Students will be able to handle these verbs in the past tense, present tense, and the jussive (a form of negation with a past-tense meaning).

Simply follow the handy study guide provided and watch the lectures and tutorials, as you have 12 month’s access, you can take your time to complete the assigned reading and exercises for those lectures. You can pace yourself with no pressure to complete assigned tasks within a specified timeframe.

The course includes all of lectures, the textbooks, workbook, model answers for assignments and more to give you everything you need to be successful in your learning journey in sha allah!

Once you feel ready to take the module exam, simply email us at [email protected] with your preferred date and time and we will book it in for you. You can also use the email address for any questions you may have regarding the course.

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Learn Arabic - Module 2