Learn  Arabic - Module 1

Learn Arabic - Module 1

CIC's flagship diploma programme reimagined to make it even easier for you to learn Arabic from the comfort of your home!

• Learn Arabic Module 1 introduces the basics of Arabic Grammar and Morphology and conversational arabic.
• At the end of this module students will understand the basic elements of an Arabic sentence.
• Students will fully understand the case endings, plurals, idaafas, noun-adjective phrases, demonstratives, most of the rules of agreement in Arabic, and much more.
• Students will have mastered the equational sentence and will have dealt with simple verbal sentences.

This course is designed and taught by a scholar of highest reputation and recognition, Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwi who is an authority and expert of the Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences. He has over 30 years’ experience in teaching in both Islamic colleges and Western universities.

Simply follow the Study Guide and watch the lectures and tutorials, as you have 12 month’s access, you can take your time to complete the assigned reading and exercises for those lectures. You can pace yourself with no pressure to complete assigned tasks within a specified timeframe.

The course includes all of lectures, the textbooks, workbook, model answers for assignments and more to give you everything you need to be successful in your learning journey in sha allah!

• This modules has 30 hours of lectures, 20 hours of tutorials and 2 hours revision lecture.
• The videos are arranged in chronological order.
• PDF version of the text books used in the module are provided for downloading.
• A detailed Study Guide (over 150 pages) with module workbook is provided for downloading.
• Just click on the pdf thumbnails to start downloading each book.

Once you feel ready to take the module exam, send us an email at [email protected] with your name, the email address you used to sign up and preferred date and time for the exam and we will book it in for you. You can also use the email address for any questions you may have regarding the course. You will be awarded an online certificate upon successful completion. There will be a small charge applied should you want a paper certificate posted.

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Learn  Arabic - Module 1