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    Thousands of hours of intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting content by leading scholars and thinkers like Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi is brought to you by Cambridge Islamic College for a small monthly subscription to help the College run and develop its full-time Advanced Alimiyyah and...

  • La-ilaaha-illallah

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    There are no other words more powerful and more profound in the entire universe than the shahada – la-ilaaha-illallah – there is none to be worshiped except Allah. The entire humankind has been created for this purpose. The shahada is ingrained in every human being as well as in every other livin...

  • The Real Fiqh of Salah

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    If there is nothing more important in one’s life than prayer, then why do we ignore it; why do we neglect it and why do we not enjoy it? The simple answer is we do not know what prayer is; we do not know what prayer means and we do not know how to pray. As a result, our prayers have become superf...

  • The Real Fiqh of Zakat

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    Zakat is the third pillar of Islam coming even before the Fast of Ramadhan and Hajj to the House of Allah. As such, it’s importance cannot be overstated. Zakat can also be the most complicated pillar of Islam, especially in modern times where wealth, investments and finance can take a variety of ...

  • Treasures Of Ramadan

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    The Treasures of Ramadhan – Detailed Study of Ramadan Focusing on Purification & Self-Development
    Ramadhan comes and goes every year, but the effect of each Ramadan is meant to stay not just until next Ramadhan but for the rest of a Muslim’s life. So, the more Ramadans one goes through the more ...

  • Journey of Hajj

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    This course will prepare those going for Hajj for the best spiritual and practical experience they can have InshaAllah. This course is also valuable for those not going for Hajj this year to learn about this important pillar of Islam and how it connects with the Legacy of Ibrahim (AS).

    Through t...